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Boost Pallet Sales: Become a Trusted Advisor

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Thad KingThad King
October 20, 2023

Plenty of sales strategies generate fantastic results in the pallet industry, but one you may have overlooked is becoming an advisor to leads, prospects, and existing customers. When you become an advisor in sales, you accomplish a few things:

  1. You focus on pain points to address the concerns of prospects
  2. You demonstrate to leads that your pallet company is a trusted authority
  3. You build relationships with existing customers, potentially earning repeat business

By positioning your pallet company as a trusted advisor in sales instead of just another company trying to get a lead on a sales call, the demeanor of a lead can change. Your position becomes one of a caring, trusted expert who is looking out for your lead’s best interests. This can make it easier to close deals because it's a personal approach, and in turn, this approach can increase pallet business sales.

Modern Sales in the Age of the Internet

Business people shaking hands

No matter what products your company sells, you must factor the Internet into your sales process. This is particularly true in B2B sales, where buying decisions often carry much weight and require thorough evaluation. Pallet companies trying to attract clients and prospects need to remember that the days of being the only game in town are over, even if you’re located in a fairly isolated market.

In the digital age, you’re competing against other pallet companies and innovators in the pallet space. Both competitors and innovators are looking for opportunities to pull customers away from you and toward them. When you serve as a trusted advisor in sales for your leads and customers, this builds trust, and that’s something advertising dollars can’t buy. This sales strategy takes time and requires patience, but it can pay off for years to come when executed with purpose.

How to Become a Trusted Advisor in Sales

The key to achieving trusted advisor status is cultivating and demonstrating a genuine desire to help customers and leads. Each sales professional on your team needs to have a deep desire to make money for your company and see satisfied customers.

Below are some components to consider implementing in your process to become a trusted advisor in sales:

Build Customer Care Into Your Company Culture

Customer care

Remember that customers can tell when your sales reps aren’t genuine, so it’s a good idea to build customer care into your company culture for the long term. From onboarding to ongoing training, customer care must be ingrained in your sales teams, encouraging your employees to live the values your company and customers hold dear. Focus on pain points and other components of your customer personas to map out the areas of focus to include in your training.

Create Helpful Content

Regarding your digital marketing efforts, create helpful content that prospects, leads, and customers can use to make informed decisions that benefit their operations. This content should not be sales-focused, but instead, it should offer helpful information from the point of view of an expert in pallets and related components. Offer this content free on your company’s website, but you can also include it in social media posts or distribute it in video format on sites like YouTube.

Advocate for Customers

Trusted advisor talking to his client

You should also advocate for your customers, even in cases where doing so does not net an immediate sale. Advocating may mean recommending an alternative solution to your products or a lower-cost alternative to your top-tier products. The goal is to demonstrate to customers that you have their interests in mind.

Even if this costs a sale now, it impacts customers and leads which can build brand loyalty in the long term. This approach must obviously be balanced since you don’t want to give away the farm; however, by acting on behalf of a customer’s best interests, you cement relationships and become the go-to solution when it’s time to sell pallet services in the future.

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