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Maximize Quotes from Your Pallet Website

Boost Pallet Quotes on Your Website - Request a Quote
Thad KingThad King
May 3, 2024

In the pallet manufacturing industry, receiving requests for quotes from your pallet company’s website is a sign that your company has warm leads already needing pallets. If you have the right sales professionals on your team, this can make closing sales and getting contracts in place incredibly easy, but how do you get more quotes from your pallet business website in the first place?

After all, simply putting a business website on the Internet only means adding your name to the billions of other sites out there. Having a website alone doesn’t mean you’ll see more quote requests. To make matters more challenging, even if a potential buyer finds your site, what does your company’s website do to encourage potential customers to submit requests for quotes?

The good news is that getting more quotes from your pallet business website doesn’t have to be hard. There are some simple steps you can take to improve the odds of receiving requests for quotes to increase your customer base. If your pallet company’s website isn’t generating the leads you want, below are some steps you can take to get more quotes from your pallet business website:

Use Quotes to Get More Quotes

One of the most powerful ways to generate interest and build trust with potential customers in any industry is to highlight customer testimonials. In the pallet manufacturing industry, quotes from existing customers can encourage potential customers to contact your company for a pallet quote.

How to Solicit Customer Quotes and Testimonials


When utilizing quotes or testimonials from existing customers, it’s often a good idea to dedicate a section of your website’s homepage to highlighting them. You can also place testimonials on product pages to highlight specific benefits and success stories.

You can solicit customer quotes about your company through feedback forms and surveys sent to existing customers. You can also ask customers for testimonials if you feel the customer will not mind. In general, getting permission to use any customer quotes before placing them on your company’s website alongside any identifying information is best.

Make It Easy to Request a Quote

Submit Request Button

Sometimes, you may not receive quote requests because your website doesn’t indicate how to get a quote. To remedy this, make sure your website's call to action (CTA) is clear. For example, if you want customers to contact your pallet company for a quote, having a CTA that simply reads, “Contact us to learn more,” may not be explicit enough.

Use the Right Wording for Your Quote-Request CTAs

Instead, consider changing this CTA to read, “Contact us to request your quote”. A simple change of the language used in a CTA can direct customer actions and encourage specific behaviors. You can also consider using buttons instead of text links to draw more attention to your CTAs.

Review the Flow of Your Website

You probably have a section in your pallet manufacturing business plan about how your website fits your overall success strategy. Still, if you haven’t planned out your site's flow, you may face optimization errors causing bottlenecks.

Direct Leads to the Right Pages on Your Site

For example, if you don’t direct potential customers to the right areas of your site from different pages, a potential customer seeking a quote may give up and click away from your site. Optimizing the flow of each page to direct visitors to the places you want them to visit can greatly impact the amount of requests for quotes you get from your company’s site.

The same is true for landing pages. If you run ads that direct potential customers to specific landing pages, those pages need to be optimized to encourage quote requests if that’s your goal. Directing leads to pages that don’t include information about requesting quotes can waste ad spend and time.

Implement an Instant Quote Tool

Depending on how your pallet company provides quotes, you can implement an instant quote tool on your website. To do this, you may need to work with a professional web development company since these tools often need to be created from scratch.

The benefit of using an instant quote tool is that it makes life easier for potential customers and provides quote information directly on your company’s site or through email. This can increase the likelihood of getting quotes from your site and potentially increase orders.

The Potential Downside of Offering Instant Quotes

However, the potential downside of this approach is that it can cause some leads to self-eliminate. If a potential customer receives a quote without additional information or context, they may decide the price is outside their budget. When you provide personalized quotes by phone or email after receiving a request, your sales team has more opportunities to meet and overcome objections and hesitations.

Partner With a Pallet Marketing Professional

Marketing team discussing

If you’ve implemented the tips above and still find that you aren’t getting quotes from your pallet business website, you’re encouraged to work with a professional. There are all kinds of variables in the world of digital marketing for pallet companies that can change how leads interact with digital spaces and assets. A professional digital marketing company dedicated to providing solutions for pallet businesses can help mitigate challenges and apply targeted strategies.

Contact Pallet Company Marketing for Solutions to Get More Quotes From Your Website

Pallet Company Marketing specializes in digital marketing solutions for pallet manufacturing companies. From pallet business website design to optimization strategy development, we help pallet company professionals maximize leads and quotes while building brand recognition and customer relationships.

Contact our team today to learn how we can help you get more quotes from your pallet business website.

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