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Proven Pallet Business Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies - Going Higher
Thad KingThad King
September 15, 2023

Marketing is all about shaping perceptions and building relationships. While sales and advertising are concerned with telling customers about the benefits of a product, marketing is concerned with showing customers why they need a product and how products better their lives. Marketing builds desire, which turns into demand, and if you’re trying to market a pallet business, you may wonder how these concepts apply to your efforts.

To help you get a better handle on how to market a pallet business in the digital age, below are some strategies you can begin applying today:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

When you start a pallet business, there are plenty of things you need to do before you can begin pallet production, but creating a website is one of the most important. Pallet company websites let customers know who you are and what you do, and your website operates on the Internet 24 hours a day. This makes it a crucial marketing tool.

Unfortunately, your website is competing for attention alongside billions of other sites on the Internet and potentially hundreds or even thousands in the pallet market. How do you ensure your website gets found above your competition when people search for a quality pallet company?

One way is to make use of search engine optimization, or SEO. When you optimize your pallet company website for search engines, you make it easier for customers to find you because search engines are more likely to display your website higher in search results. If someone searches for wooden pallets or a pallet business specializing in recycling pallets, your company comes up within the first results as long as you offer those services and have used SEO on your site to get found for these search terms.

Social Media Marketing

Woman managing social media

Social media is another common type of digital marketing strategy for pallet companies. The sheer reach of social media platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok is incredible, allowing your pallet business to reach millions of people with a single click to start making money as soon as today.

The key to using social media successfully as a company selling pallets is to know your audience and what’s important to that audience. You will need to craft social media content that speaks to your audience's interests, pain points, and desires to gain followers and encourage engagement.

Social media for pallet companies is about more than just selling pallets – it’s about building lasting relationships with customers that transcend a singular transaction. If your company picks up pallets in addition to manufacturing or delivering them, create content about how picking up pallets helps your customers. This kind of approach to the creation of social media content develops relationships that will convert into ongoing and repeat business.

You can also create video content with testimonials of customers whose businesses have saved time due to your service. If video isn’t an option, create case studies that use real data and pictures from customers whose businesses have been helped by your pallet services. In a nutshell, look for ways to connect with audiences that demonstrate the value in doing working with your business as a brand, not just another pallet company.

Ask for Feedback and Conduct Research

Because relationships are vital if you want to market a pallet business successfully, foster strong customer relationships by asking for feedback. This can be done by sending out email surveys to customers or by examining your website analytics to see which pages receive the most attention from visitors.

The goal here is to hone in on the most important issues to your customers and leads. Feedback from customers and analytics research can help your pallet business shape its future marketing efforts and improve service offerings. For instance, if you manufacture a wood pallet or standard pallet line, customer feedback can help your company refine its manufacturing processes to make better products.

Of course, you can also take the time to talk with customers to gain feedback. Make it a point to interface with customers often to glean information from your conversations. Coach your customer service representatives and sales professionals to ask questions in a way that is not intrusive but does get honest feedback.

Become the Trusted Authority

Authority factors heavily into marketing any type of business, but marketing pallet a company means you really have to step up your efforts as there’s a lot of competition out there. You can establish and support your company’s authority in the pallet industry by crafting thought leadership pieces that can be posted online or pitched to various industry publications. Sites like LinkedIn offer the ability to self-publish content on company pages. Still, you can look for other opportunities around the web to have your thought leadership content published as well.

Reddit app icon

Additionally, take some time each week to look through Q&A sites like Reddit and Quora. These sites allow users to ask questions of other users, and most of these sites include search functionality. Use this to your advantage by creating a branded account on each site and searching for terms related to your company's products and services. Look for questions you can answer and then reply to them using your branded account.

When you answer questions, not only are you providing helpful advice that elevates your brand in the eyes of customers, but you also stand the chance of having your answers picked up by search engine generative AI like Google’s SGE. When this happens, it doubles your company’s exposure, establishes your business as an authority in your market and potentially drives more leads to your site through search engine results pages.

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