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How to Find Customers on LinkedIn

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Julie FrostJulie Frost
March 17, 2023

When some business owners join LinkedIn, their first instinct is to make a sales pitch. They'll share promotions on their feeds, send advertisements to potential leads and connect with virtually everyone in their industry. If they send enough cold calls, they'll eventually find clients.

You need to reach out to find leads, but LinkedIn users respond negatively to direct promotions. They want to make genuine connections, not feel like the targets of a marketing scheme. These tips help you find customers on LinkedIn by reaching out, educating your network, and becoming part of a global community.

Tips for Finding Customers on LinkedIn

Stay Active

Someone opening the LinkedIn App

Staying active is one of the best ways to find customers on LinkedIn. Potential clients will contact you when they see an active, professional profile--no cold call necessary. They'll see you're dedicated to learning, growing, and helping colleagues in your industry. You'll also have a network that could benefit them.

An active profile can also secure leads. If someone accepts your connection request and sees an empty profile or one you haven't updated in months, they may assume you've gone out of business. However, if you post regularly, they'll realize you're actively seeking clients.

Connect After In-person Events

Talk to potential leads at events, then search their names on LinkedIn and send connection requests. When they accept, you'll have an opportunity to reintroduce yourself. Send them a message telling them you spoke at the event and would love to continue the conversation. You'll also have more potential leads when you look at their networks. Remember, connection requests are more likely to be accepted if they remember meeting you, making this one of the effective ways to find customers on LinkedIn.

Find Posts with Search Keywords

Find Keywords

People looking for clients use certain words and phrases in their posts. For example, if they're looking for a manufacturer, their post might include "seeking raw materials supplier," "requesting manufacturer proposals," and "searching for lumber supplier." Use search engine optimization (SEO) keyword tools and Google's suggested searches to get more keyword ideas.

Once you've made a list of phrases, enter these into the search bar. You'll find people who need what your company offers. Make sure that you study each post before sending a proposal because some people might undercharge you or make fraudulent claims. If a post seems legitimate, send your connection request.

Attract Buyers with Your Profile

When you search for leads, you want to see what LinkedIn users can do for you. The opposite is also true. Clients don't visit your page to learn about your life--they want to know how you'll help them succeed. They'll move on to the next connection if they don't find that.

Build a customer-focused profile with a professional profile picture, strong summary, and content that targets your client's pain points. Discuss how you've helped clients by providing bulk discounts that helped them grow their businesses. List relevant employment and accomplishments, but keep your profile from becoming a resume. Instead, highlight your dedication to your colleagues.

Share Educational Content

Content - Photo, Video, Content, Story and Blog

Drive traffic to your pallet business website with entertaining and educational content. People will scroll past an advertisement but stop to read an informative blog post, industry news, and tips on maximizing their sales. If you inspire them to interact, they'll drop a comment and share your post.

Your content calendar should include infographics, short tips and updates, long-form blog posts, videos, and educational lists with the occasional promotion. Every share means that your posts reach another person's network. A viral post could reach tens of thousands, providing cheap advertising for your operation.

Join Groups

LinkedIn groups provide a whole network of like-minded people. You won't have to send dozens of connection requests--they're all in one location, ready to interact with you. Users can join up to 100 groups at a time, but focus on a handful of groups so that you can post regularly.

People join groups to build a community, so they never show up, post an advertisement, and leave. Instead, use this opportunity to ask questions, comment on posts, share your expertise, and learn from others. You'll make cold calls, but people will also contact you. A strong impression shows everyone that you're an industry leader.

Find Your Demographic

Who do you want to reach on LinkedIn? You can connect with anyone in your industry, but some groups are likelier to buy your product than others. If you typically sell materials to middle-aged business owners, you have a higher lead generation probability than you would if you targeted millennials.

Create a model customer who suits your demographic, then target similar people. For example, after researching your audience, you could write: "Alice is a 45-year-old woman who owns a lumber business. She has two grown children and lives in a suburban neighborhood." Of course, not every lead will match that profile, but you'll know who to contact.

Politely Follow Up

Message bubble

Some leads intend to follow up with you but need to remember. Others turn to their most recent interaction, which could be one of your competitors. Keep the communication going by following up with your potential leads. They won't read a long sales pitch, so write a brief and friendly message.

Mention the conversation you had earlier, and invite them to ask questions. If you live in the same area, suggest meeting in person. Taking the discussion offline could mean the difference between a sale and a dead end. Getting coffee together creates a human connection that goes beyond exchanging a few digital messages, making them prefer you over the competition.

Generate Leads for Your Pallet Business

For most pallet manufacturers, increasing sales is a top priority. Following these tips will make it easier for your sales team to find customers on LinkedIn. If you need help increasing sales and finding new customers, schedule a 15-minute discovery call with a business growth advisor today!

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