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Can Robots Transform Pallet Production?

Machine-made pallets
Thad KingThad King
May 5, 2023

Pallet production has come a long way since pallets were introduced in the late 1800s. Today’s pallet production involves precise engineering and quality materials that allow pallets to last longer and provide extended durability. Although pallet manufacturing systems typically run smoothly, is there a way to improve a pallet production line? Moreover, have you thought about how robots can transform pallet production?

Pallet Production Automation Increases Productivity

Automated palletizing robots offer many advantages over traditional palletizing processes, including:

  1. Using a palletizing robot offer increased throughout to improve cycle times
  2. Robotic automation reduces mistakes and defects in manufacturing
  3. Industry robots may take up less space on factory floors
  4. Robotic palletizing systems take care of material handling 24 hours a day
  5. Automated infeed conveyors may reduce the potential for accidents

As an added benefit, your pallet production company’s robot solution can be a marketing tool on your pallet business website. Positioning your pallet company as a leader and innovator in technology can attract more attention, establish industry authority and generate more leads looking for advanced pallet production solutions.

Below are some additional ways in which robots can transform pallet production:

Robotic Pallet Production Improves Safety

Pallet Maker machine

One of the essential benefits of transitioning a pallet production facility to one that uses automation is improved safety. Manufacturing pallets manually can place employees in potentially dangerous situations, and injuries on factory floors can be severe and lead to added expenses for your company. Robotic pallet machines can handle much of the hazardous work involved in pallet production, while human workers can keep a safe distance.

Greater Accuracy in Handling

Palletizing automation machines can also provide greater accuracy in material handling. Pallet pickup typically requires all pallets to be arranged uniformly, and slight adjustments can create dangerous situations. Additionally, pallets not precisely stacked for pickup risk being damaged or ruined due to shifting weight. Robotic pallet machines utilize sensors and other computer vision technologies to improve accuracy in handling and stacking pallets. This reduces the potential for accidents, but it also reduces the potential for product damage.

Lessened Environmental Impact

Pallet automation's improved accuracy and precision can also benefit the environment. In traditional pallet manufacturing, even the most experienced workers make mistakes that can result in wasted materials. A precise pallet robot system is less likely to make errors, leading to less waste. Of course, you will need to review the energy efficiency of any system your production facility uses to know whether or not you can save on energy costs. Still, it may be possible to reduce your utility usage by turning to advanced palletizing automation systems.

Pallet Robots Working Alongside Employees

Employee with pallets

Although pallet robots can run products faster and reduce manual labor costs, keeping experienced on-site staff is still necessary. Robotic technology isn’t perfect, so you need reliable employees to work alongside automated palletizing system components. However, your production staff can experience greater freedom to attend to other tasks when your facility uses palletizing robots. This adds to the value automated pallet systems offer in terms of increased productivity. Your facility can get more work done and fully benefit from the strengths your employees bring to the table.

Robotic Pallet Systems Can Offer Interchangeable Operation

Another reason robotic palletizing systems have become popular is the interchangeability these systems offer. Much of the time, reconfiguring a palletizing robot for a different production run only requires arm retooling and a change in your software settings. The machinery handles the rest, allowing your facility to produce more pallet products without reworking entire production spaces. This also means your facility can scale and accept a broader range of custom jobs, potentially expanding your customer base.

What is the Current State of Pallet Automation?

Currently, companies looking into how robots can transform pallet production have a number of options available, but the list of solutions is growing each year. For example, self-driving robotic trucks and lifts have proven incredibly useful in handling pallets through machine learning and computer vision. Delta robotic solutions can take care of many picking processes and packing.

Your facility may also benefit from selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) machines. These are robotic arms used in manufacturing, and they can be programmed to take on precise tasks. This makes SCARA machines ideal for palletization since such processes also demand speed. It may be necessary to have specialized SCARA machines designed for palletizing, but your dealer will have more information about availability.

Looking to the Future of Palletizing Robots

New Wooden Pallet

In the years ahead, there’s no question that robotics will continue to be integrated into pallet manufacturing processes and other industrial tasks. Each year brings new technology to the forefront of manufacturing. Pallet production facilities are positioned perfectly to get in on the ground floor and take advantage of palletizing robots. Seizing this opportunity means that your facility will be well-acquainted with the changes to come, giving you an edge over your competition and a stronger reputation among your customers.

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